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Contamination Diving

One of the most dangerous jobs, on land or in the water, is dealing with hazardous materials (HAZMAT). These jobs require strict adherence to regulations and safety protocols.

We can provide the solution to all your needs, whilst maintaining strict hygiene safety standards


  • Clarifier Repairs

  • Sluice Gate Replacement

  • Blockage removal

  • Aerator Maintenance

  • Sewerage Pipework

  • Pipe Plugging


Harcan Marine has dedicated contaminated diving equipment to avoid contamination Which is imperative when diving in contaminated environments, to use an appropriate dry suit, with locking helmet and gloves designed for this type of work.

The best choice for this work is the Northern Diver contam suit with bayonet locking gloves, and Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet. 

Our divers have working at heights and confined space entry certifications and current shots to aid in maintaining our 100% safety record.

Harcan Marine works with Councils and Treatment plants all over Australia to maintain the plant in operational staus while performing works.

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