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Meet The Team


Joseph Cannon, Director

Co-Founder/CEO at Harcan marine and Diving Services. Joseph began his career as a diver in the Royal Australian Navy. After acquiring a military based set of skills and an extensive military based knowledge of diving he left the Navy to pursue an interest in commercial Diving. 

Within his 12 years of being a commercial diver, he has become extremely skilled and proficient in diving/project managing/ and Project planning for the marine construction industry. As a Dive supervisor, He has led over two hundred successful projects consisting of underwater sewage outfall pipeline installs, salt water intake structures, bridge and pile restrengthening projects, pile protection and anti corrosion projects, Non destructive testing and asset maintenance.

Jason Harwood, Director

Co-founder and CEO of Harcan Marine & Diving. Jason has owned and operated freight and supply chain logistics companies before he found a specific interest with commercial diving and switched to the marine industry in 2006 where he became a Marine construction project manager on Mining and Gas Load out wharf remediation projects. Jason has a wide array of knowledge across many industries and has led over 500 projects globally. Jason doesn’t get in the water as much as he’d like now. The business has grown hugely in the last few years meaning Jason has to spend more and more time quoting and managing the business. He’s happy the team is top notch to give him the time to do that.

Patrick Odwyer, Lead Diver
Over the past 2 decades Patrick has worked in a variation of trades allowing him to gain valuable skills that transfered into the dive industry. Operations of heavy duty mechanical equipment and tools such as Under water welding & Land welding, Wharf Carpentry & Building construction.  Pat has been a commercial underwater construction diver for 15 years and completed levels 1, 2 & 3 in (ADAS) Australian Diver’s Accreditation Scheme. Pat is self motivated and endeavours to conquer any challenge set in his path. Patrick has strong interpersonal, organisational and problem-solving skills . A great team leader with an accurate eye for detail.

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