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Inspection & Cleaning

Harcan Commercial Divers are experts in Subsea inspections of underwater structures and vessels. We provide a Level 2 Bridge inspector on the dive team and we can adjust our reporting to match previous reports to maintain continuity of asset infomation.

We assist our clients in many different types of inspections including,

  • Ship & Barge Hulls

  • Bio Hazards

  • Prop Polishing

  • Bridge Piles

  • Wharf Piles

  • Dams

  • Ferry Terminals

  • Sheet Pile Wall

  • Pipelines

  • Waste Water Outfalls

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Seabed Sampling

  • Tower Resevoirs

  • Potable Water Reservoirs

Harcan Marine uses sepcialist equipment for fast and effective cleaning we are the only company in Queensland to use a hydraulic operated pile cleaner that is upto 30% faster and gives a better quality clean than Pressure washing. 

With live video capabilities our clients can watch hi def video in real time.

Let Harcan Marine & Diving assist in your inspection program, with a team dedicated to quality performance and the highest dedication to safety. 


Harcan Marine has experienced commercial divers and specialist trade professionals to meet your cleaning and inspection requirements. 

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