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bundaberg outfall 70 m polly pipe instal
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Pipelines & Culverts

Harcan Commercial Diving provides Assistance in the Removal, Installation and Maintenance to all varieties of pipelines. Your exacting demands and specifications can be met underwater in a safe and timely manner. We can provide assistance in all facets of pipeline programs.

  • Cleaning with Pigs

  • Clamps & Brackets

  • Flanges & Gaskets

  • Drill String Guidance

  • Drill Head Breakouts

  • Strainer Installation

  • Diffuser Install

  • Internal Inspection 

  • Gate Repairs

  • Anode Replacement

  • Dredging Pipe Removal

Harcan Diving can also provide barges and excavators.

Let Harcan Marine & Diving assist in your pipeline operation, with a team dedicated to quality performance and the highest dedication to safety. 

From interstate large wastewater outfalls to lock managment and 

Harcan Marine has experience commercial divers and specialist trade professionals to meet your maintenance and repair requirements. 

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