Industries Served by Harcan Marine Commercial Diving

Harcan has combined 30+ years of commercial diving experience with no "Loss Time Accidents."

Safety is our #1 Priority

Commercial Shipping & Vessels

Common Services:

  • Hull Cleaning

  • Propeller Polishing

  • Propeller Repair / Rudder Repair

  • In-Water Repair Services

  • Underwater Welding / Cutting / Burning

  • Anode Replacement

  • Inspections

  • Dry Docking

  • Ship Lifts

  • Salvage


Harcan Marine Commercial Diving serves many government entities. We often work as subcontractors to civil engineering firms for dams, waterways and bridge construction. Services include:

  • Dam, Dock, Seawall, Pier and Pile Inspection and Video & Photo Documentation

  • Pile Encapsulations and Wraps

  • Sediment Removal

  • Search and Recovery

  • Underwater Ultra-thermic Burning and Chipping

  • Penetration Dives to 100 metres

  • Environmental Research


Harcan Marine Commercial Diving serves many local government service providers. Water / wastewater / sewage & drainage services include:

  • Dam, Dock, Seawall, Pier and Pile Inspection and Video & Photo Documentation

  • Pile Encapsulations and Wraps

  • Penetration Dives to 100m

  • Screen, intake, outfall maintenance and repair

  • Potable water Reservoirs

  • Water treatment plants

  • Dewatering

  • Contaminated diving

  • Weir Inspections



Construction Support Bridges

Harcan Marine serves as a sub contractor on many projects. And would like to continue to provide support of any civil engineering project. We offer assistance in. Dredging ,Underwater ultra thermic burning, and chipping, welding and rigging Most of these services are preformed in Zero visibility.


Pile Encapsulations and Wraps

Harcan Marine can offer cost effective solutions for Installation of various pile protection systems. This includes installation of fiber glass forms, Grout pumping, Split sleeve installation, and splash zone pile wraps. 

Fabrication and Installation

Harcan Marine offers In house Fabrication and installation of all types of closures , blanking, cofferdam structures. Professional engineering services  is provided if required. Please contact us and we will be happy to quote fabrication services. *Certified boilermaker on staff

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