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ROV & Drone

Harcan Marine uses state of the art, Seamor advanced ROVs to complete the inspection or survey of a wide range of underwater assets and environments.

We have had extensive experience in underwater ROV applications including

  • Underwater films and documentaries

  • Marine asset inspections

  • QA for underwater projects

  • Marine biosecurity

  • Underwater environmental impact assessments

  • Potable water and deluge tank inspections

  • Search and recovery

  • Internal pipeline inspections

  • Marine ecological surveys.


Harcan Marine are now offering marine asset drone surveys.

We can capture 4k video and still images of your asset.

For great images of Marinas, Wharves, Vessels, Ports, Parks and Boat ramps please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


  • Pre & Post construction

  • Promotional & Media Material

  • Historical Record

  • Accurate Survey

  • Insurance 

  • Ship Hold Inspections


We offer daily rates as well as discounted options for projects over a week in duration.


  • Our Standard Hire ROV comes with the following configuration

  • 300 meter (1000ft) rated underwater ROV

  • 4K High Definition Camera

  • 300 meters of tether

  • 2 x LED fully adjustable lights (180 degree rotation with camera)

  • 2 x LED flood lights

  • Atomos Samurai Blade High Definition Recording Suite with 2x500gb removable Hard Drives

  • Underwater positioning Sonar

  • Dual Function Manipulator Arm (grabber)

  • Secuquest VisionClear Video Enhancement


Let Harcan Marine assist in your operation, with a team dedicated to quality performance and the highest dedication to safety.

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