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Marine & Underwater Salvage

Harcan Commercial Diving provides capabilities for all types of salvages including debris removal. We provide underwater burning & cutting services for your salvage and marine construction needs. Regardless of the underwater visibility of the job, your exacting demands and specifications can be met underwater in a safe and timely manner. Harcan Marine has lead the way on many successful dive salvage operations throughout Australia and the Pacific. 

  • Helicopter​s

  • Sea Planes

  • Vehicles

  • Cranes

  • 35T Pontoons

  • Vessels

  • Ships Anchor

  • Ships Prop

  • Fallen Debris

Big or small we can provide a specialist experienced rapid response team to inspect and prepare for salvage operations, with our extensive knowledge equipment and contacts. We provide the safest and most cost effective methods of salvaging.

Our staff have multiple specialist licenses including rigging, dogging, heavy machinery and can remedy any issues with complex marine salvage operations.

The team love a challenging salvage! 

Our clients include

  • Government

  • Insurance companies

  • Shipping Agents

  • Private Owners

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