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Hire marine access equipment for any situation required, from construction, asset inspections to site access our equipment has the features to get your job done. We can dry hire or wet hire and tailor a package to suit your marine access requirements.

We provide advice and assist our clients with specialty marine project based equipment hire.

Marine Access Equipment

Hydraulic power pack_edited.jpg

Hydraulic Power Packs

  • Atlas Copco

  • 40 LPM

  • Enviro Oil

  • 40m hose

  • 3 Available  

 Petrol DC Welder 

  • ​​250 amp

  • Petrol

  • Lifting Eye

  • 2 Available

Generator hire


  • Petrol 13 KVA

  • Diesel 40 KVA 2 x 32 amp outlet

  • Petrol 3 KVA

Lift Bags /
Salvage Bags

  • 8 x 5T Enclosed bags

  • 4 x 2T enclosed Bags

  • various sized parachute bags

  • 8 Bag Manifold

  • Hoses to suit 

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Grout Pump 

  • S 5 EV-EVTM

  • 2 Available

  • Worm Drive

  • It is suitable for a variety of material such as cements suspensions, ground coat plasters and insulating plasters, rough coat and textured plasters, trowel plaster, adhesive bonded joint, masonry mortar, refractory mortar, sealing suspensions, injection mortar, filling and anchoring mortar, dispersion plaster, fiber mortar, fibreglass concrete, bonding mortar, stucco and grout.


  • The Bathycorrometer® is an advanced, hand held, diver operated unit providing a consistent way of determining the corrosion of subsea structures. It will provide the diver with a direct readout of corrosion potential at the point of application.

  • It can also be connected to a Surface Display Unit to give topside readings, Whilst the performance of the unit has been improved by the introduction of new electronics, the original features of the Bathy corrometer have been retained as the unit has specified use worldwide. Bathy corrometers are used for polarisation, corrosion and interaction surveys.

Cygnus Dive Hire.jpg

Cygnus Thickness Tester

  • 300 m depth rated.

  • Wrist-mountable, giving the diver a free hand

  • A-Scan (selectable)

  • Data logging – stores 5,000 measurements and A-Scans

  • Large bright display – easy viewing from all angles for diver and camera.

  • Multiple-Echo, error- checked measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick.

  • Single-Echo – for use on uncoated surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion/ pitting.

  • Echo-Echo – for use on painted surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion/ pitting (through up to 0.5 mm paint)

Pontoon Block Platforms

  • Access to your marine based projects provide difficult challenges in safely and efficiently moving workers to and from the job. 

  • 1000 Blocks available with delivery and setup as required.

  • 500mm x 500mm x 500mm with locking pins and bollards.

  • Best quality blocks on the market.

  • Versatile for floating work platforms that travel with the tide allowing greater access in low overhead environments.

  • Transportable in container or on flat bed.

  • Customisable to add lighting, bollards, hand rails and more.

pontoon block hire.jpg
Marine access barge.JPG


  • 3t Excavator with augers and buckets for new pile installation. 

  • 5t Excavator with attachments for all tasks.


  •  Engineered quick scaffold designed to be used without the need for scaffolding ticket.

  • Provides access to headstocks from our barges and vessels

  • Multiple height and configurations available.

  • Engineer certified for mounting to pontoon blocks.

  • Light weight and versatile for marine access.

Quick scaff.jpg


  • Mobile Nifty 120 Electric and Diesel.

  • Access to 11m. 

  • Barge mountable.

 Silt Curtains

  • Contain sediment and equipment spills

  • Monthly curtain maintenance

  • Install & Removal for projects

  • Custom lengths available

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